Ten “Must Have” Mobile Apps for PR


You are busy and always on the go. Your mobile device is quickly becoming your “PC.” Do these situations sound familiar?

There are countless mobile applications to help PR pros be more productive, but we’ve narrowed a list down to ten “must haves.” So, as you wind down for the Thanksgiving break and — maybe — have some time to kill, make sure you check out these FREE apps.

1) Evernote — “From creating text and ink notes, to snapshots of whiteboards and wine labels, to clips of webpages, Evernote users can capture anything from their real and digital lives and find it all anytime,” reads Evernote’s description. This is incredibly useful for capturing, researching and organizing content on the go.

2) Dropbox — Never email yourself or lose a file again. Dropbox is an “impressive file sharing service which makes it easy to sync your files across multiple computers and the web,” writes TechCrunch. Great for handling those PowerPoint presentations and other docs while on the road.

3) Ping.fm — Allows one to simultaneously update content on many social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and much more. A good app for social / digital brand managers.

4) Tweetdeck — There are many Twitter apps out there. Tweetdeck is appealing because it syncs with the desktop client so your mobile updates automatically go to both places. There are also a slew of new features including Facebook syncing. Downside: only available for the iPhone.

6) Yelp / Urbanspoon — Both are helpful to find restaurants or coffee shops to take clients or hold meetings while on the road. Yelp is also beneficial for those who need to track reviews for their clients or company 24/7.

7) Free Wifi — Can’t find a Starbucks but desperately need some wi-fi? This app allows one to find free wi-fi hotspots around the world.

8) Google — The name says it all. Easy access to Gmail, Google Maps, search by voice and local search.

9) USA Today — Many news organizations have applications, however we choose USA Today because of its sharing features. “…the combination of news, a solid look and feel, and functionality – like sending stories to Twitter – will keep me reading USA Today daily on my iPhone,” writes the often cynical MG Siegler, now of TechCrunch.

10) M-Insight — Launched by agency MWW Group, this app aggregates advertising, social media and PR related content from a number of blogs. It does also include mandatory feeds from MWW blogs, but we still think it’s a worthy add.

[Editor’s Note: We know there are a LOT more apps out there that are frequently used by PR pros. Do you have one you can’t live without? Add it in the comments. Hat tip to PRSarahEvans, Peter Himler and Steve Rubel for their thoughts.]

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