Teens Turn to KiwiBox to Stay Informed

kiwiboxIf something is considered hip, cool or trendy, there’s a good chance that someone young made it so. Subscribers of that theory will want to check out Kiwibox, a social networking site and online magazine designed for teens. The online destination allows teens to produce and share personalized content.

The beta 2.0 version has expanded member profiles, photo sharing, video streams, enhanced content and more.Close to 2 million registered members make up the community. Like many social networks, you can customize your homepage, create a profile, share your online status, create a blog, make polls, create wishlists and more. You can also get news, play games and earn KiwiPoints, exchangable for tangible stuff. Registered users can write articles and increase their clout with the bumber of clicks they receive.

One of the features being rolled out in version 2.o is Q-books. Ask other Kiwibox members for advice and get answers.

The Website refers to itself as 50% magazine, 50% social network and 100% cool.