Teen-Age Girls Don't Shop Like Crazy, They ShopLikeAnna

Here’s a social shopping site were teen-age girls and their parents don’t have to worry about getting victimized by bad elements in the social networking world – ShopLikeAnna. The social shopping site is being policed by Shop Like Anna staff round the clock and the aside from having a working relationship with the FBI to ensure that the site stays as clean and as safe as possible to teen-age girls.

Shop Like Anna is a MySpace or Facebook with fashion sense. It allows teen-age girls age eight to fifteen to talk, shop and “friendwork” with their fellow teens. And yes, the site limits its membership to girls in that age group as well. To ensure that this policy is carried out, Shop Like Anna requires verification from parents or guardians before a user can participate.

Alright, now that you know how safe Shop Like Anna is what else can the site offer? A lot of social networking and social shopping stuff actually. First, members can shop at the site using pre-loaded “Anna Points” doodle on pictures submitted by themselves and friends, read articles relevant to a teen-age girls lives that includes topics on style, entertainment and celebrity.

In addition to all these, Shop Like Anna also features profiles and advice from career women in various fields such as photography, fashion design and many more.

Shop Like Anna is definitely a social shopping haven for teen-age girls who are both into shopping and social networking/web 2.0 stuff.