TechCrunch Launches TechCrunch TV

techtv062910.bmp Technology news website TechCrunch has launched its own online video network.

The service, TechCrunch TV, will originate from the company’s San Francisco offices, but will also feature reports from all over the world.

Writes TechCrunch’s Paul Carr:

TechCrunch TV will be littered with familiar TC faces – Mike Arrington, Sarah Lacy, MG Siegler, Jason Kincaid – either as show hosts or regular guests, plus we’re thrilled to have signed up some amazing names from outside of TC to host their own shows, including author Andrew Keen (whose debate show, Keen On, airs every Monday) and entrepreneur/investor, Cyan Banister (the first episode of her interview show ‘Speaking Of…’ airs Thursday).

Right now the service is in what Carr is calling a “limited beta,” with 40 minutes of original programming a day, with library content filling the rest. And of course, programming will be available on-demand as well.

The move is an aggressive one, as most news websites typically only produce short-form content. But as cable television has proved, there is a market for hyper-focused video content, provided advertisers and viewers recognize its value.