Tech-nicalities Behind TWT‘s Photo Goof

TWT Obama kids.jpg.jpg

By now, you’ve likely heard all the fuss around The Washington Times’ article about the murder rate of Chicago schoolchildren that appeared next to a pic of the Obama girls (above).

The creepy combo appeared on TWT’s website yesterday and caused quite a stir with Media Matters, HuffPo and others. So what editorial mastermind paired the two? What was their logic? The answer is “no one.”

FishbowlDC spoke with TWT’s John Solomon this morning to get the full scoop. Solomon explained that a print version of the article ran sans photo in yesterday’s paper but an automated system behind the TWT website made the match based on an algorithm and similar metatags.

Solomon told FishbowlDC, “We regret the error, though it was certainly not an editorial choice – just one of those times that technology works against you.”

“We removed the photo as soon as we picked up on it and have since heightened the system requirements for content matching,” he said.

Solomon told us that had TWT made an editorial decision to run the photo and article together, they would deserve all of the criticism they’ve received.