Team “Dick Swett” Wins The Fix’s Politics & Pints

Four members of The Hotline– team “Dick Sweet” led by Quinn McCord- won Chris Cillizza’s “Politics and Pints” competition last night at Cap Lounge.

“The Ringers”- Josh Kraushaar, Dan Reilly, Scott Mulhauser, Paul Kane, Jonathan Martin and Mike Madden- came in a close second.

Thirty teams came out, including: Kevin Madden, Mike Memoli, Carrie Dann, Erin McPike, David Wasserman, David Hoffman, Kasie Hunt, Doug Thornell, Reid Wilson, Geoff Embler, Ken Spain, Tim Sahd, Felicia Sonmez, Jonathan Allen, Greg Giroux, Emily Cadei, Meredith Shiner, Aaron Blake, Shira Toeplitz, Brad Dayspring, Kristin Soltis, Shannon Flaherty, Doug Heye, Jennifer Crider, Paul Lindsay, Tory Mazzola, Bob Honold, Moira Bagley, Sean Hayes, Tricia Miller, Brian Walsh and Amber Marchand.

From “The Fix” today: “Miss last night’s festivities? Never fear — we are aiming to do one a month in the 2010. Stay tuned.”

And a pic of the winners by Cillizza: