Tea Leaf Reading 101

Media superstitions

fblogo2.jpgWe like to think of the “New on Poynter” sidebar on Romenesko as the “Playboy section,” where no one actually reads the articles. But as professional narcissists, we immediately assumed the one titled “Editing in a Fishbowl” was talking about us. (Fishbowl?** Fishbowl? Did someone say our name?) As it turns out, the piece is about newsroom environments where the editor’s behavior gets excruciatingly overanalyzed and misinterpreted, i.e.,

Your assistant managing editor for visuals sent you an e-mail today saying he really liked your photo on the front page. He asks that you stop in to see him; he wants to talk about why you decided to shoot from that particular angle. This means:

A) He hated your photo.
B) He really hated your photo.
C) He thinks you should go into catering.

We’ve certainly seen this before—silly superstitions like, “if Patrick McCarthy wears the red tie today, someone gets fired by 3 PM and Memo Pad does an item about Steve Florio.” Actually, we just made that one up, though we’re sure that somewhere in the recesses of the Fairchild building someone’s looking mournfully at their computer screen and whispering, “but it’s truuuuue…”

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**We also recently noticed that Fishbowl.com was an advertiser on Gawker, but ultimately decided that it was no stranger or ironic than VanityFair.com advertising on Gawker.