TBD’s Mouse in the House

house_mouse_face-t1_1__bigger.jpg TBD, an exciting, loose, smorgasbord of local news, got a new friend on Twitter as of late. At least we think it’s a friend. So far it hasn’t done damage. It’s called @TBDmouse. But it’s locked and private and not everyone gets accepted.

Who created it is a mystery.

The truth is, a mouse recently surfaced in TBD’s offices. “Ha! The night we were launching, a mouse surfaced in the newsroom,” explained TBD’s Community Engagement Director Steve Buttry. “Obviously some wag thought it deserved a Twitter feed, since everyone here tweets. Not sure if that’s an actual photo or stock photo.”

So far, the mouse hasn’t actually tweeted anything. “I’m glad it didn’t tweet,” Buttry said.