TBD Editor Erik Wemple’s Fuego/Frio Feature Reaches Fevered Pitch

Wemple’s Fuego/Frio days at Washington City Paper

Will TBD Editor Erik Wemple go to heaven or hell? Well, who cares, really. That’s to be determined, as the saying goes. But if you’re missing Wemple’s four-minute Wednesday feature – he stings, salutes and slaps local media with a fuego or frio label – you’re missing out.

Wemple started the show when he was at Washington City Paper and has resurrected it for TBD. He insists he doesn’t get into a whacked out zone pre-show, but it’s hard to believe he doesn’t psych himself up for his performance by primal screaming or doing jumping jacks. “No prep,” he wrote to FishbowlDC. “Just let it fly. Things are too hectic at tbd to take time to get in some kinda zone.”

As TBD’s Social Media Producer Mandy Jenkins put it over Twitter Wednesday, “We should run a backchannel audio feed of the laughter in the @TBD newsroom when @ErikWemple is on. #wemplewed.”

It’s addictive. Wemple, at least in this segment, is part game show host and part crazy uncle. Anything can happen. And sure, maybe you’d want to throw him out eventually, but not before watching the show.

“I have no conflict of interest with respect to those guys at Politico,” he declares in one segment. “I have no idea who those guys are!” (Allbritton, of course, owns both TBD and Politico.)

Watch Fuego/Frio late Wednesday afternoons on TBD.com.

Here’s the latest:

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