Taylor Swift’s Facebook Page Still Growing Fast, Weeks After VMA Incident

384400Country music star Taylor Swift won the “Best Female Video” award at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards — and, as most readers probably know, was interrupted mid-acceptance speech by fellow musician Kanye West. As part of a national outpouring of sympathy for Swift, her page unsurprisingly saw an increase in new fans.

But that was on September 13th, more than two weeks ago.

Her page is still apparently growing faster than it was before the event. It has grown steadily from 2.1 million fans to 2.3 million fans today, or around 200,00 fans in two weeks. That’s twice as fast as the approximately 100,000 fans she gained in the two weeks before the show.

One cause may be the ongoing media coverage of West’s various apologies, another may be the additional mainstream pop audience attention she’s gotten as a new and successful crossover star.

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