Canadian Tumblr Fielding Calls from LA Agents

Here’s a spike in web traffic that is hard to ignore. Per a profile piece in the Hamilton Spectator, in the space of just a single day this week, Kitchener, Ontario social media pro Taylor Jones’ unique visitors increased by roughly 250,000 thanks to links from, Gawker, and Reddit.

No wonder then that along with an upcoming via-Skype appearance on Good Morning Sacramento, Jones is receiving calls from LA agents about possible reality TV show leveraging, a book, even the screenplay treatment. The reason for all the excitement? His very simple, very cool personal sideline website

Jones’ then-and-now M.O. involves revisiting the physical location where a photo was once snapped and taking a new one, with the earlier pic held up in-frame to line up strategically with the borderlines of the same physical environment. After posting some of his own pic-within-pic creations, Jones has begun receiving an increasing number of outside submissions.

As the article points out, there are other versions of this idea already including Sleeveface and Young Me, Now Me. But as far as FishbowlLA is concerned, the more newfangled nostalgia websites, the better. Unless you apply the Jones concept to print media newsrooms, Christmas parties, and so on. No one wants to see that.