Tare Lugnt Delivers Third Issue Through Tattoos


Speaking of magazine design, as much money and time that Complex spent on their latest cover has nothing on the newest issue of the Swedish magazine Tare Lugnt who put together a Stefan Sagmeister AIGA poster-esque piece of work, designing and printing their whole third issue on human skin via tattoos (found thanks to the good people at PSFK). Granted, it wasn’t a tome like the fall issue of Vogue or anything, coming in at just three pages, all readable on their site, if you speak Swedish — and you really should learn, since they went to so much trouble to publish it (there’s also a video about the process therein). Though if you do speak the language and you do wind up reading each of the pieces, we ask you, for the sake of these editors, clearly the toughest in the industry, to please, please ignore any typos you might find. That’s hard enough to hear about after something goes to print. Has to be extra difficult when you have to walk around with it on you for the rest of your life.