Tapper Zaps Weigel for Calling Compton’s Work Sh*t

Slate‘s Dave Weigel came down on National Correspondent for ABC News Radio  Ann Compton Monday for reporting on a book being thrown at President Obama at a weekend rally in Philadelphia. He called her reporting sh*t, saying, “Don’t seasoned journalists feel a little bit of shame at wasting their time on shit like this?”

ABC’s White House correspondent Jake Tapper, chivalrously came to Compton’s defense, tweeting to Weigel, “Don’t pick on Ann. WH reporters always cover random things like that in addition to all the substance u dont link to.”

Weigel soon softened his blow. He wrote back to Tapper,  “It’s because I like her reporting that I groan when her talent is wasted.”

A historical note to Weigel, though we’re sure he already knows this because he’s no doubt a smart, wonky cookie: Former President George W. Bush called the incident in which an Iraqi reporter threw two shoes at him at a Baghdad presser “one of the most weird moments of his presidency.”

Obama only got the book thrown at him. Still, it had potential.

UPDATE (Weigel responds):  “That’s a wild misreading of what I wrote. The two publicity stunts at the event were, I thought, stupid and not worthy of the time they were getting. Thus, “shit like this.” I think the initial reference to the “seasoned journalists” makes it clear what I think of her work and reporting. She’s one of the best radio reporters on politics, IMHO.”