Tammy Haddad’s Debate Gossip

From yesterday’s “Hardball Briefing” email:

  • “John Harris is right behind me, I asked him who he was wearing and he said some Italian designer. Chris is in Brooks Brothers. Jim VandeHei was wearing jeans earlier but I forgot to ask him who he was going to wear tonight. Jonathan Martin thinks he wearing Joseph Abboud. Jeanne Cummings, a class act ALWAYS, is wearing Rizik’s private label.”

  • “Did I tell you my guest for the debate is Desperate Housewives favorite plumber, James Denton. He told TV Guide his favorite show is Hardball. My kinda superstar. Sam and Mary Haskell, and The TODAY show’s superstar Noah Oppenheim, and former Hardball Topper is here (He is wearing GUCCI, network guy!!!!!!). And NBC’s man on the Hill, Bob Okun is also here.”