Tammy Haddad: Pre-White Streak

Ever tried to imagine what Washington socialite and publicist Tammy Haddad and star in Mark Leibovich’s new book This Town would look like without that white stripe in her dark brown hair?

Well, the wait is over. 

On C-SPAN Sunday night, Brian Lamb questioned the NYT reporter about every aspect of his book. They even showed videos, one of which was Haddad in 1984 when she produced Larry King’s radio show.

“What was striking about that is she doesn’t have like the white streak in middle of her hair, which is her trademark now,” noted Leibovich, who described her as a “force of nature” and a “very successful businesswoman.”

Asked if Tammy has contacted him since his book came out, he seemed a little pained to discuss her.

“I have not heard from her,” he said. “I portray her I think accurately. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own story about themselves and often I’ll write a different one. But no, I haven’t heard from Tammy.”

Watch Q&A here. See Tammy sans stripe at 48:30 minutes in.