Taking Out The Trash

What we almost missed today…

• Welcome back from vacation, David Shuster! Check out some technical difficulties during New York Magazine‘s Jennifer Senior’s hit on MSNBC earlier today above– but that wasn’t all that Shuster had to deal with. After the jump, another MSNBC clip. (h/t HuffPost)

• Paul Krugman came to the defense of Michelle Malkin today. Surprised? He anticipated that– first words of Krugman’s post are “No, really.”

• Salon’s Glenn Greenwald raises some red flags about Richard Wolffe guest-hosting on MSNBC in a piece about the supposed GE-News Corp. truce. Wolffe left Newsweek earlier this year to join Public Strategies, Inc. Greenwald says, “Having Richard Wolffe host an MSNBC program — or serving as an almost daily “political analyst” — is exactly tantamount to MSNBC’s just turning over an hour every night to a corporate lobbyist. ”

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