Taking Out The Trash 10.06.05

Today’s left-overs:

  • “In the Rose Garden today, reporters waited patiently for the presidential press conference to begin, only to discover that the four men standing in front of them were made entirely of wax.”

  • Relive some of last weekend’s great SNL skits involving the media.

  • Salon baby, you’ve never looked so good.

  • Wolf Blitzer says a lot of things to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

  • Jack Shafer says “Good Night and Good Luck” ain’t all that.

  • Hotline’s new blog is giving The Reliable Source a run for their money when it comes to celebrity spotting.

  • Ombudsman-for-life Michael Getler is trading a Washington Post hate for a PBS one.

  • Dan Froomkin says, before taking a few days off: “Note to Patrick Fitzgerald: You had better not indict anyone while I’m gone.”

  • In reference to the U.S. News cuts, a Romenesko emailer wonders) about the morality of it all:

      Is it legal to fire women on maternity leave, as U.S. News and World Report did a few days ago? To be sure, it’s morally repugnant. How can the magazine cast stones at story subjects when it behaves in this way? Moreover, how can lawmakers talk about family values and not pass laws to forbid this kind of buffonery? In Mort Zuckerman’s native Canada, women are accorded leave from their jobs with employment insurance benefits for up to a year. It is illegal to fire them during this time. Sorry to moralize, but I’m disgusted.

  • The Hill’s 4th Annual Book Fair, 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

  • And a FishbowlDC day wouldn’t be a FishbowlDC day without Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy.