Taking Out The Trash, 01.31.07

  • Most of you see yourself in journalism forever, and ever, and ever, and ever…

  • An ABC release announces that “World News with Charlie Gibson” averages 9.10 million total viewers for the week of January 22-26, placing first among women 25-54 for the 11th straight week. “For the week, only 210,000 Total Viewers separated ABC and NBC’s ‘Nightly News,’ the smallest gap between the two broadcasts in 2 months.”

    …does that not include their list of the “Ten Best Business Movies“?

  • An NBC release announces that “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams” continued as the “nation’s No. 1 network evening newscast, winning the week of January 22-26, 2007 in total viewers, homes and among the key demographic adults 25-54,” attracting 9.310 million total viewers.

  • A reader writes in saying that The Washington Times trumped the Washington Post on the Fairfax County jobs story by three days. Check out the Washington Times’ Saturday story and the Post’s Tuesday story.

  • Eric Boehlert points out the backlash that accompanies the mainstream media’s fabrication of John Kerry’s tears when he announced he would not run for the White House, again: “The incident raises all sorts of doubts, on the eve of the 2008 campaign, about the ability of Beltway journalists to perform the simplest tasks, such as taking notes when a prominent Democrat gives a speech and then accurately reporting on that speech.”

  • Photo Business News & Forum’s John Harrington asks why award winner Carol Guzy is taking a rather ordinary picture for the Post. And he answers his own question: “Every photographer produces images that vary from the monumental to the mundane. It is approaching each assignment with as much enthusiasm as possible that makes the work worthwhile.”

  • There is a new feature at the Huffington Post. “HuffIt lets you decide which news stories should get the most attention. You can submit and select news from anywhere in the world and the most popular stories will appear on the front of the Huffington Post.” You can register here.

  • DCRTV reports that Susan Kidd “co-hosting the late morning shift with veteran radio talker Jim Bohannon on WTWP, Washington Post Radio.”

  • TVNewser has Charles Gibson’s closing note on Monday’s “World News,” which included an update on Bob Woodruff’s condition: “Bob is in the newsroom almost every day. It is great to have him there. It will be great to have him back on air next month.” TVNewser also has an update on cameraman Doug Vogt.

  • Media General News Service’s Marilyn Rauber shares a memory of Deborah Orin-Eilbeck: “I had the privelege of working for Deb for 12 years in the Washington DC bureau. We all worked hard — but no one worked harder than she did; nor was anyone more generous with praise, guidance, and support for her colleagues. She was a tenacious, enthusiastic, and dedicated journalist. But most of all she was a caring, gentle, and loyal friend and I will miss her terribly.”

  • Wonkette spots their “favorite Post corrections in ages.”

  • American University is looking for Investigative Journalism Fellows.

  • Ralph Hanson says that 50,000 is a favorite number amongst journalists. He also discusses how USA Today handled the FCC discussion of ownership rules.

  • One reader writes in with this observation: Although The American says this in their launch release (emph. added)…

      While other business magazines today fixate on statistics, make lists, and speak to the middle manager seeking to climb the corporate ladder, The American will concentrate on ideas and on clear, fact-filled reporting and analysis of business, finance, politics and culture, from a fresh perspective.

    • TVNewser has the January Program Ranker.