Taking Out The Trash, 01.24.07

  • What?! You didn’t watch? Well I guess that means you need us to tell you that 20% of you were right: he wore a blue tie.

  • An ABC release announces that “World News with Charles Gibson” placed first among women 25-54 for the week of January 15-19, marking the 10th straight week it won this demographic. This is the fifth consecutive week it grew its total viewing audience year-to-year and it reduced the “viewing gap” with NBC by 29% compared to a year ago.

  • A reader notes, “Howard Kurtz is a hottie mc-HOT!!” Yes, that is a direct quote.

  • E&P has an update on the Scooter Libby trial and some details on the first witness, Marc Grossman, former Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs.

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer profiles Connie Schultz’s return to the newsroom for the first time as the wife of a Senator.

  • Financial Times reports, “Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has joined the Chandler family in its bid for Tribune Company, with an eye to taking a stake in New York’s Newsday newspaper.” (Hat Tip: Romenesko)

  • Rivals CNN and Fox News Spar Over Obama Report

  • Will Time magazine get Friedman, Lizza, Dowd and Liptak? No, but man does he wish.

  • The Reliable Source talks to Chris Matthews before he heads to Vegas for the Miss America contest.