Taking Out The Trash, 01.18.08

  • It’s best to never admit you had resolutions to begin with — then those three martinis last night don’t seem so bad. We’re so on to you.

  • An ABC release announces that “ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson” averaged 9.07 million viewers among Adults 25-54 for the week of January 8-12. This is the fourth consecutive week that “World News” is the only newscast to grow its total viewing audience year-to-year and the 9th week it places first among women 25-54.

  • The Politico is covering the DC Blogosphere.

  • Jacksonville Times-Union profiles Tim Russert who reveals he thinks “the nation is more than capable of finding solutions” for those pesky problems of Iraq, Social Security and Medicare.

  • A CNN release announces that the network will take the “State of the Union across numerous platforms,” with a special edition of The Situation Room which “kicks off coverage” on Tuesday beginning at 7 p.m. Following the Democratic response, Anderson Cooper will broadcast live from D.C.

  • In preparation to for Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert appearing on each other’s show tonight, find out what is on O’Reilly’s Media Mix. His favorite show: “60 Minutes.”

  • Art Buchwald’s farewell column.