Taking Out The Trash, 01.03.07

  • You occasionally use WikiPedia.

  • Yikes, are things really this ugly over at Fox News?

  • Check out the Post’s Blogger Summit.

  • Saddam: CNN #1 After Execution

  • How to pitch NPR’s Morning Edition.

  • ABC Radio is looking for a staff writer.

  • NPR Digital Media is looking for an online producer.

  • More jobs.

  • And employers: Find your freelancers here.

  • Check out the Tyndall Report.

  • Rachel Sklar on Cohen v. Copeland.

  • USA Today’s David Lieberman wonders if the Politico will be 2007’s top new success.

  • Over at NewAssignment.net, however, Steve Fox thinks it will struggle.

  • One reader thinks that CNN’s Soledad O’Brien needs a refresh course on DC geography.

      FishBowlDC should invite Soledad Obrien from CNN to town for a tour of the city. This morning prior to throwing to Wolf Blitzer and his special situation room for coverage of the Ford funeral she would see cars moving on the monitor and say that the motorcade was arriving at the Capitol. Once I think some cars were driving up, but it wasn’t the motorcade. The second time, the cars were pulling up in front of Blair House – not the Capitol. It took a few beats for her co-anchor, I think it was John Roberts, to say that he thought it was over by the White House, but neither one came up with Blair House. So give Soledad a tour of DC. Or beg CNN to stop letting her talk about DC. She just isn’t familiar.

    >UPDATE: Another tipster reads the above and writes in: “I don’t think some of these people got enough love from their mommys when they were babies.”

  • Kevin Sullivan, on being Bush’s top PR guy.

  • Howie Kurtz’s online chat yesterday.

  • Tom Shales on Ford funeral coverage.

  • Will Bill Keller End ‘Public Editor’ Slot at The Times?” And, if so, will other papers follow?