Take That Tucker, From CongressDaily

Remember this gem from Tucker Carlson and Ana Marie Cox’s online chat a few weeks ago on washingtonpost.com?

Annapolis, Md.: Last week during the WHCD, there was some debate about where the term “nerd prom” originated from. For years, this has been a term used by comic book nerds for the annual San Diego Comic Book Convention. My question is this: as a group, who is nerdier? Washington, D.C. media nerds or comic book nerds?

Tucker Carlson: The fashionable answer would be: One group wears thicker glasses, but basically they’re equally nerdy.

But let’s be honest: That’s ridiculous. Nobody’s dorkier than comic book nerds. Even reporters for Congress Daily.

Ana Marie Cox: I feel a little bad about the inadvertent (I swear, a friend mentioned it to me and then I, uhm…) lifting of #nerdprom. And because I KNOW Congress Daily reporters, well.. I think maybe we should consider them Nerd Prom East and Nerd Prom West? I, for one, would enjoy attending both. And I think you’d find a surprising amount of overlap in the interests of the groups.

Well, someone at CongressDaily hasn’t forgotten. And that someone is AM editor Jason Dick, who threw a party at his house this weekend just to prove Tucker wrong.

We weren’t invited (so clearly it wasn’t that cool of a party), but we hear the majority of CongressDaily reporters and a bunch of their editors, among others just let loose. Guests were instructed to bring some form of junk food- the junkier, the better. The best beer served was Natural Light. Also up for grabs- Schlitz, Schafer’s (sounds like some reporters were re-living their college years).

A handful of reporters, who shall remain nameless, experimented with pop rocks and coke (as in a generic form of coca-cola, Tucker) to see if we would explode like the urban myth suggests.

The “nerd” who passes this tidbit along says, “So see? We’re all pretty cool.”

Christian Bourge makes a guest appearance at Jason Dick’s junk food party.

Photos of the junk food loot after the jump…