Japanese Journalist Retraces U.S. Lecture Tour

Stops for the longtime former Asahi Shimbun reporter included NYU.

In late April, the day before his 57th birthday and scheduled departure from Tokyo for a U.S. lecture tour, longtime former Japanese journalist Takashi Uemura testified on his behalf. For ten minutes, he explained why separate 2014 attacks against him by a professor at Tokyo Christian University and the Japanese publication Shũkan Bunshun were scurrilous.


Uemura has written about his U.S. tour in the latest issue of The Asia-Pacific Journal. The journalist whose 1991 articles about a World War II “comfort woman” are credited with bringing that issue to the global forefront–and, per the above, are still heavily disputed by some–spoke with the help of a translator to audiences at DePaul University, Marquette University, the University of Chicago, Princeton, UCLA and NYU:

The Sankei Shimbun, which had also mounted a sustained attack against me, sent a local correspondent. I wondered what sort of article he would write and braced myself. But the article, headlined “Former Asahi Reporter ‘Subjected to Bashing on Comfort Women;’ Criticizes Prime Minister in New York Lecture” (May 6, 2015) dispassionately recounted the content of my talk. A former senior colleague at Asahi back in Tokyo wrote to say, “The article conveys what you want to say very well. It’s the sort of article that could easily appear in the Asahi itself.”

Uemura lost a university appointment because of the 2014 attacks. Read the rest of his article here.