Tag, You're It!

TagDavid Gentzel sure knows how to make catchy applications. He has released the Tag application and it has over 80,000 users since it launched a few days ago. David Gentzel is also the author of the insanely popular application, Trakzor. This is not your normal version of Tag though. It is more like “tag” in the web 2.0 sense. Pick a friend and come up with a catch tag for them. I tagged my friend Charlotte with the phrase “crazyfit” since she is at the gym practically every day. In order to unlock a tag that someone else has marked you with you need to go tag someone else. Every time someone tags you, you have to tag someone else to unlock the tag. This is a pretty viral application and will surely fare well among Facebook users. If you want to participate in a friendly game of Tag, go grab the Tag application.