Taco-Lovers’ Tweets Appear on Billboards Across Texas

A Texas-based convenience store chain is showing its Twitter users some love – by blowing up their tweets 100x and slapping them on a billboard. Stripes is getting the word out about its Laredo Taco Co. tacos by creating a mashup ad campaign between social and traditional media.

Stripes asked its fans to write about what they liked about their tacos, and select tweets would be splashed across a prominent billboard in Corpus Christi, Laredo, Lubbock, Midland & RGV Texas.

Interestingly, Stripes had an even more restrictive character count than Twitter – they asked that those interested in seeing their tweets in lights write 15 characters, maximum.

So what are some of the now oversized tweets that made it to the billboards?

“Best tacos ever!” graces one billboard, “Mmmm…tacos!” is on another, and “Good tacos fast” is splashed across a third.

Maybe these aren’t the most creative tag-lines out there, but with 15 characters to work with, they’re not that bad. The Twitter users who sent them in now have a claim to fame, as their usernames are attached to the tweets in big red letters. And Stripes just got 7 billboards-worth of free copywriting.

While this is a pretty cool campaign, the question remains: Would you buy a taco based on the recommendation of a fellow Twitter user?