Tabloid Wars Round 2: Daily News: ‘#1 Newspaper In The City!’


There’s nothing quite like a nasty, dirty war of words between a pair of New York’s finest tabloids. Especially when it involves … circulation.

Yesterday, the New York Post fired the latest shot across the bow. Today, the Daily News fought back:

The error-prone Post, which loses tens of millions of dollars annually, sells for a discounted 25 cents. … Martin Dunn, The News’ editor-in-chief and deputy publisher, took dead aim at his half-price competitor:

“If you’d lost $300 million over the past five years, spent $200 million on new presses, carpet-bombed neighborhoods with free copies and lost fortunes to sell a few thousand papers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, you’d be desperate to celebrate creeping a few copies ahead of us. The Daily News is STILL unequivocally the No. 1 newspaper in the place that counts — New York.”


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