T-Mobile UK Offering Pay-As-You-Go Android Phone: Will T-Mobile USA Test These Waters Too?

Intereseting news from TechCrunch UK about a relatively unique (from a service plan point of view) Android phone coming to T-Mobile UK in October for about $295US (180 British Pounds)…

T-Mobile introduces first pay-as-you-go Android smartphone, dubbed Pulse

The Huawei built Pulse is a keyboard-less Android phone has mostly ordinary specs: 2GB internal memory (well, actually, that is pretty good compared to the G1), 3.5 inch LCD, 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, and microSD card slot. But, honestly, I would probably get something like this for its pay-as-you-go service plan since I only want an Android phone for testing. It wouldn’t be my primary voice or data phone. And, while $295 isn’t exactly “cheap”, it is less than I paid for my subsidized (2 year contract required) HTC Touch Pro2.

Hey, T-Mobile USA, please consider offering a pay-as-you-go Android phone in this country!