T-Mobile to Pro-Rate Contract Cancellation Fees

T-Mobile_Shadow.jpgT-Mobile just announced that it will begin pro-rating or reducing the cost over time of its early termination fees for contract customers, according to CNET News. What that means is that customers won’t have to pay as much to end their contract early, the longer the customer remains in the contract:

“Beginning on June 28, customers with a one-year or two-year contract with T-Mobile will see their early termination fee drop from $200 to $100 if they end their contract with 91 to 180 days remaining on their agreement. If they end a contract with fewer than 91 days left on it, they will pay a termination of fee of $50. For customers who terminate their service in the last 30 days of their contract they will either pay the $50 fee or their standard monthly charge, depending on which one is cheaper.”

Unfortunately, the new policy only affects those who sign up for new contracts after June 28th (either for a new phone or as part of a contract renewal).