T-Mobile Launches $10/month VoIP Plan

This is getting good. T-Mobile just announced a $10-a-month unlimited calling plan for its growing fixed-line effort, according to a new RCR Wireless News report.


The new service, Talk Forever Home Phone, offers unlimited local and domestic long distance calls, the report said. The service is available in Dallas and Seattle to “T-Mobile wireless users with single-line plans of $40 or higher or family plans of $50 or higher.”

To use the service, Talk Forever Home Phone subscribers will also have to buy a $50 router, the article said, and that “the carrier is suggesting — but not demanding — that Talk Forever users purchase a $60 VTech phone at T-Mobile retail outlets.”

Typically, the carriers don’t want to touch Internet calling plans, because they threaten the use of regular cellular voice minutes and won’t be able to make as much money off of them. There have been technical problems with some of them too, at least on cell phones if not in the home. At any rate, T-Mobile has been doing an end run around the other three major carriers for a while, making up for the company’s lack of a 3G network with various T-Mobile Hotspot and other WiFi-related tie-ins such as this.