T-Mobile Adds Album Downloads

cellphone_music_JIU_604.jpgT-Mobile is bribing music lovers in the UK with cheap – and even free – downloads.

The mobile operator is selling album downloads through its Mobile Jukebox service for as little as six pounds ($11.75). To celebrate the addition of complete albums, T-Mobile is offering a free album download to new customers as well as those who renew or upgrade their contract. The freebie deal is good until the end of July.

To make downloading a complete album over mobile not seem like a chore, T-Mobile uses its 3G network where it’s available. According to 3G.co.uk, the full download takes less than a minute over the 3G network.

Mobile Jukebox has 1.2 million singles and now more than 100,000 albums in its library.

(Image credit: Jupiterimages Unlimited)