Syria Most Deadly Country for Journalists

For the fourth straight year.

msyriaFor the fourth straight year, The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has ranked Syria as the most deadly country for journalists.

Overall this year, working conditions worsened. There were 69 journalists killed while working in 2015, compared to 61 last year. Of those deaths, 13 occurred in Syria. The runner-up was France, with nine deaths. That unusually high number was the result of the Al Qaeda-led attack on Paris newspaper Charlie Hebdo in January.

If 69 deaths worldwide seems low to you, that’s because it likely is. CPJ is currently investigating the deaths of at least 26 other journalists, and even then, because of extremist groups, we might never get an accurate count.

“CPJ undertook a research mission to Iraq this year to investigate reports that up to 35 journalists from Mosul were missing, dead, or held captive by Islamic State,” reported CPJ. “With the militant group’s stranglehold on information about the city, CPJ could confirm the deaths of only a handful. Region-wide, CPJ has received reports of dozens more journalists killed, but is unable to independently confirm that the individuals have in fact died and, if so, whether journalistic work was the reason.”

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