Sykes, Carr Lead Post-Frey ‘Rehab-Lit’


Tom Sykes. David Carr. Bill Moyers‘ son. Jason Leopold. All journalists or former journalists. All former substance abusers. All have authored books — all or in part — about their recovery.

As Choire Sicha notes in this week’s New York Observer, Alcoholics Anonymous members “have been struggling with the significance of that second “A” for more than half a century. Within the group, members openly discuss their alcoholism; outside the group, they refrain from discussing their membership. … But that theory assumes that there is a boundary between private life and public life. The confessional-memoir industry assumes the opposite.”

Sykes’ memoir, What Did I Do Last Night? A Drunkard’s Tale, is out Oct. 3. William Cope Myers, son Moyers, drops Sept. 25.

Thus, a new genre in book publishing that will threaten our chick-lit leanings: post-rehab lit.

And judging by the lush literati — like Ian Spiegelman [above], for one — gathered at Toby Young‘s book party earlier this summer, we may have plenty of members of that Rehab Author Club soon enough.


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