Sydney Pollack Rest in Peace


The LAT ran a very nice, touching obit for Sydney Pollack. It was a fitting send off for a film legend.

Of course, they didn’t enable comments for that story, so folks had to go to the other coast (virtually) to the NY Times to comment.

Here’s one that reminded us of every awkward celebrity sighting we’ve ever had:

It was only months ago, after a double-take, I spotted Sydney Pollack shopping alone in a neighborhood supermarket here in Los Angeles. There he was, pushing a shopping cart by himself, like any of us would, in seemingly perfect health. I silently wondered why this iconic talent didn’t have a maid or other servant shopping for him but was glad to have the opportunity to go up to him and thank him for so many memorable directing efforts and performances as an actor..I chickened out unfortunately, not wanting to disturb his privacy, settling for his passing by me, as I stood in awe, as he uttered “excuse me” while reaching for a product on a shelf behind me. Wish I knew he wouldn’t be be around much longer and wish I would’ve mustered up the courage to say thanks Sydney for so many smart, funny, moving cinematic memories..

– Robert, Los Angeles