SXSWi ’08: Pete Doherty, Morgan Fairchild Lone SXSWi Stars

Though the real stars of SXSWi are Mark Zuckerberg [whose keynote we’ll be liveblogging at 2pm Central today] and Steven Johnson, we have found a precious few who fit the bill for the rest of the world. A good four days ahead of the SXSW music festival which ostensibly should be his Austin raison’d’etre, occasionally drug-addled British rocker Pete Doherty was spotted making the rounds at Austin bar Jackalope. We hear he hopped from table to tableful of women, presumably enlisting acolytes to aid his cause of getting hot chicks to inflate his attractiveness quotient through proximity. On a comelier note, we had a run-in with Morgan Fairchild the other night, whose security [one word: why?] had some choice words for us.

Walking down 4th Street, we peeped a rare sight in down-to-earth Austin — a velvet rope. Our inner New Yorker’s feelers picked up a disturbance in the force, with a throng of people at the door snapping pics. Eager to be part of the paparazzi, if only in our own mind, we busted out our camera to take a pic and ask questions later. We got a palmful of security guard in our lens, as a hand blocked our shot. “Only the official photographer can take pictures of Ms. Fairchild,” the fuzz barked. After explaining we were media in town for coverage [which, last time we checked, Fairchild could use], we recruited said security guard to our cause, and he urged us to get our shot from behind him, presumably so as to not spook Ms. Fairchild. Blurriness ensued, so we’ll spare you the visual, but consider yourself educated on the SXSW Interactive arm’s contribution of two lone stars to the wide open Texas sky.

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