SXSW: Lacy, Allison, and Now to the Music

(Sixth Street in Austin from SXSW 2006 – image cred)

Down in Austin, Texas, the geeks have mostly left town and now it’s time for the rockers to take their place as SXSW transitions from the interactive portion of the conference to music.

Before we move on, here’s a look at a few things from the interactive side that we wanted to mention. PR 2.0’s Brian Solis hung out with Sarah Lacy, whose interview with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg caused quite a controversy. He says, “I guarantee you that she’ll have the opportunity to interview Mark many more times along with the industry’s biggest names.”

Meanwhile, Star magazine editor-at-large and TV talking head Julia Allison said, “they [Zuckerberg and Lacy] were just mismatched communicators.”

We guess all press is good press for Porter Novelli, who ran PR for the conference.