Swezey Heads To “Jeopardy!”

Bring it on, Trebek:

    Weekly Standard Advertising Director Nick Swezey has made the cut to compete on the popular brainiac game show “Jeopardy!”

    At a contestant search in Washington last month, Swezey endured the typical weeding-out process that separates the pretenders from true “Jeopardy!” material. According to the show’s Web site, which includes a 50-question written test, a short version of the game (complete with buzzers) and a “brief personality interview.”

    Apparently, Swezey’s brain and personality are both up to snuff, because producers have invited him to stare down host Alex Trebek and two other contestants during a taping July 18 and 19 in Los Angeles. Of course, Swezey can’t tell anyone how he fared until the show airs, a silent treatment that could test whether Swezey can hold a secret in a town famous for leaks.