Sweethearts’ Tweet Treat

Necco’s Sweethearts candy is going Web 2.0, as the confectionery company conducted an online survey to determine the next saying on the heart-shaped candy and Tweet Me dominated, USA Today reported.

New England Confectionery vice president of marketing Jackie Hague told USA Today Text Me finished a distant second, followed by Love Bug, referring to a song by the Jonas Brothers.

According to USA Today, the odds of uncovering a Tweet Me Sweetheart are about one in 80, as 79 other phrases are in circulation.

Sweethearts will also launch an iPhone app that allows users to send virtual Sweethearts boxes with personalized messages to anyone’s Twitter page, according to USA Today.

Hague told USA Today:

We’ve always been short and sweet. In this case, the technology merged with the ritual.

It’s a recognition that society is changing the way to say, “I love you.” It’s less commercial and more democratic.

And Twitter co-founder Biz Stone told USA Today:

It’s even more proof that people can say anything in short messages. A 140-character message may seem short. Sweethearts are even smaller.

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