Sweeter 2.0 is Twitter with a Karma

Alright, we’re going to give the developers of Sweeter 2.0 the benefit of the doubt and would not think that they are actually trying to clone Twitter with the Sweeter 2.0 microblogging service. But no matter how you look at it, despite the orange theme, Sweeter 2.0 is by all means a Twitter clone. But at least they managed to give Sweeter 2.0 a little bit of twist, or to be precise a karma.

Like we said Sweeter 2.0 is a microblogging service. And as such it lets users post messages of less than 140 characters long, which is less than Twitter allows. Just like in Twitter, you can write about anything in Sweeter – be it what you are doing or what you are thinking or simply anything you want.

Now here’s the twist. Other Sweeter members can vote for your post, every vote may either increase or decrease your Karma points. Sweeter also gives you a KARMA, TODO’s and a lot of other features which Twitter doesn’t have.

Now, here’s the best part. Sweeter can also be downloaded and you can set up your household’s own Sweeter and increase your Karma some more. Speaking of Karma, this is what makes Sweeter fun to use. Your ultimate objective upon joining Sweeter is to raise your Karma points as high as possible enough to land you the “juaker” title.

And here are the ways to

Increase your Karma

  • You post a sweet.
  • Someone follows you.
  • A sweet that you post is voted with a +.

Reduce your KARMA:

  • A follower of yours stops being one.
  • A sweet that you post is voted with a -.
  • Every day, at 23:45 GTM+2 the karma is reduced:
    • If you post in that day your karma sets to the 75%
    • If you don’t post in that day, your karma sets to the 50%

So, if Twitter is already boring you, you might want to give Sweeter a try. Who knows, you might find it fun.