Susannah Breslin Is Basically Saving The Economy One Person At A Time

Turns out that pretty much everyone Susannah Breslin writes about ends up getting a job.

She discussed this phenomenon on her blog Monday. She doesn’t frame it like we are doing.

She first gave Lauren Rae Orsini $100 to write a piece for Breslin’s blog. Orsini soon landed a job at The Daily Dot. “I don’t think I got Lauren that job. I think Lauren got herself that job,” Breslin says.

Okay. But then Breslin wrote about Frances Bridges, who kept bugging Breslin until she got some decent advice out of her (which is all she wanted to begin with). Bridges then landed a blog on Forbes.

Finally, Breslin wrote about seeing a needlepointed “Hire me” sign in a window. The creator of the sign had almost no experience (working in a popcorn shop for $9 an hour excepted) and no college degree. After Breslin wrote about him, he got three jobs. Three! Two are more physical (baker and robotics teacher) but he’s also doing web design, web programming, and social media marketing.

The moral of the story is that if you want a media job, get Susannah Breslin to write about you.