Susan Estrich throws party for ABC (shh, don’t tell Fox)

estrichcc.jpgHere’s an email recently sent out by Susan Estrich, who, once again, demonstrates her interesting approach to the art of capitalization. (I’ve removed the cc: addresses to protect peoples’ privacy, but I will say it warms my heart to see Nikki Finke and Morgan Fairchild getting invited to the same party.)


The White House project has asked me to host a house party next Tuesday Night in honor of the first Woman President on ABC — at 8 pm at my house, [redacted address]… (1 block from [redacted]…) party starts at 8, viewing of show at 9, Kathy Najimy and Amber Valletta from the show are supposed to be there, not a fundraiser, but hear about putting a woman in the White House and I happen to have this new book coming out October 11 called the case for Hillary Clinton and there will be a few advance copies for the first to arrrive….. xooxoxoxoxo

rsvp… [redacted phone number] melissa lo or [redacted email address, but it’s a USC law school address, hopefully not belonging to an idealistic law school student who has had personal-assistant duties thrust upon her]

The White House Project is a non-profit seeking to “advance women’s leadership in all sectors, up to and including the U.S. presidency.” And even if you’re not Susan Estrich you can host a ‘Commander-in-Chief’ viewing party under its auspices. Just click here. Sneaky promotional ploy, ABC! It’s like a street-team for middle-aged liberals.