Survey: No One Trusts The News Media

We are all liars.

According to a new survey commissioned by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), virtually no one trusts advertisers or the news media. Ad Age reports that 4A’s results showed only four percent of Americans trust the marketing industry; while almost 50 percent of Americans said they don’t trust the news media.

The survey of 1,005 people found that there just isn’t much trust in what is presented by the media, no matter what form. When given a list of “Trusted News Sources,” including categories such as “Editorial content written by an experienced journalist or established news source,” and “Company or brand press releases that are part of a news report,” most people—48 percent— answered that they trusted none of them.

When participants were asked “Who acts with integrity,” newspapers were the most trusted, but only by a measly 10 percent of respondents.

What’s interesting is that the number one answer (by far) for the integrity question was “You yourself,” with 74 percent. If everyone thinks that everyone else is untrustworthy, then someone has got to be lying.

(Image: Ad Age/Ipsos OTX/4As)

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