Survey: Journalists Know Print is Dead, But Don’t Mind

Journalists seem to be coming to terms with their online new world order. In a survey conducted by the PR network Oriella, more than half of journalists polled agreed that the print publication they work for might get pulled off the air.

While more journalists showed pessimism towards the fate of the dead tree version of the publication, more journalists seem up-beat about the potential viability of online options. More than 41 percent of respondents say that online is still far from a successful business model. This is an improvement from last year’s survey when nearly 53 percent thought online had had a long way to go before online could create a successful business model.

Also, journalists seem more optimistic about online journalism’s ability to create solid content. Fewer respondents felt that editorial quality will suffer online, and many felt journalists would rely on PR professionals less than the year before.

Maybe the most surprising thing, more journalists’ job satisfaction has been unchanged by the shift onto online platforms. The plurality of respondents (49.34 percent) said that the changes have had zero impact on their enjoyment of the job while nearly 24 percent say they enjoy it more.

So, see, that online job isn’t as bad as you might think.