Survey: Agencies “Don’t Get” Social Media

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Surprise, surprise. Many agencies “don’t get” social media, according to a TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony survey of more than 60 marketers in North America, France and the U.K. released yesterday.

In addition, the survey noted, “Nearly 50 percent of marketers said social-media efforts needed to be handled at an executive level with ‘significant’ resources. Another 30 percent agreed social media is a “‘revolutionary opportunity.'”

There is also a noticeable gap between us stateside marketers and those across the pond:

Just 18 per cent of the UK businesses questioned believed their brands must engage urgently with social media if they were to avoid falling behind the market.

In the US the comparable figure was almost 50 per cent…

The news is good either way for TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony, the brand monitoring agency who got some great press out of the survey. For those who “don’t get” social media, maybe Gabe & Max can help.