Surprise! The CAA Death Star Really Does Look Like the Death Star


W scores the media coup that the Los Angeles Times could not: A really good on-the-record peek, with lotsa photos, of the new Gensler-designed CAA headquarters here in LA.

The article even uses the colloquial name for CAA’s new building, the Death Star, a term which should be properly attributed to Jedi master Mark Lisanti at Defamer, lest we forget. Unfortunately, the article forgets. What they do mention, as you’ll remember, is that Christopher Hawthorne was given a top-secret tour for the LAT that was so top-secret that CAA partner Bryan Lourd actually used his dark-side powers to take back all information previously given to Hawthorne during the interview.

But when it comes mentioning the Death Star to Lourd, W misses the chance to make a really great joke:

Small wonder then that Hollywood gawkers, industry insiders and rival agents have dubbed the place the Death Star, in recognition of the attraction, envy and, likely, fear that CAA inspires. “I don’t understand what it means,” deadpans Lourd. “Is that Star Trek or Star Wars?”

Really? Because Lourd used to date Carrie Fisher.

And he left her for another man. Even back then, Princess Leia knew she did not want anything to do with that Death Star.