Surprise! It’s a Goodbye Party for WaPo’s Wilkinson

toast.jpeg Good thing FishbowlDC didn’t ruin The Washington Post’s goodbye party for Tom Wilkinson that the pooper who e-mailed us on Wednesday tried to do.

We at Fishbowl believe in surprises. So we’ve waited until now to tell you that Wikinson’s party went off without a hitch. The party was set for today at 3 p.m. in WaPo’s community room off the lobby.

“Tom has been a big part of the heart of the newsroom for many years, working in news and personnel, doing more jobs than most of us knew,” read the secret e-mail. “We plan to send him off with a tribute that will include entertainment, some toasts, gifts, and, of course, cake.”

This is where things at the Post got tricky.

Partygoers had a choice: “Yes, it is the same day as the book event and baked goods sale, but there is always room for cake,” the e-mail said.

Really? A bake sale or the guy’s going away party?

The e-mail continues, “If any of you know a dessert that Tom loves and that you would like to bring, please e-mail [SO AND SO]. If any of you would like to make a brief toast or comment at the ceremony, also let [SO AND SO] know. Tom does not know about this — at least we don’t think he does.”

Best wishes to Wilkinson.