SupersonicAds aims to make social/mobile game advertising more manageable with Ultra server

SSA_logo_BLACK_n_READ_FOR_BRIGTS_BGs copyOne of the ongoing issues we hear about from developers is how difficult it is to monetize the free players who don’t convert. While in-game ads are often the default solution, it can be difficult to manage the content provided by ad services, especially if more than one network’s been partnered with. Mobile and web ad monetization group Supersonic Ads Media Group is looking to streamline the experience with its newly-launched Ultra server.

Ther server is a Supply Side Platform (SSP) powered by SupersonicAds. Using Ultra, publishers and developers can use a single ad server for all their social game ad formats. In layman’s terms, that means devs can perform multiple tasks without having to deal with multiple integrations and reporting systems.

“The ad formats in social games are focused on rewards-based advertising,” SupersonicAds CEO Gil Shoham tells us. “These are basically offers that provide virtual currency and incentivized videos. There isn’t any ad server out there to deal with these formats in terms of optimization, virtual currency, and fraud.

“We’ve discovered that social game developers have some very specific needs and requirements different than other content providers. Every ad network that a publisher would like to integrate includes a technical aspect,” he further notes. According to Shoham, dealing with these multiple software integrations takes time away from game development, something many smaller studios can’t really afford due to limited resources.

Shoham tells us Ultra’s been in development for over a year, though it soft-launched about six months ago. So far, he says approximately 30 developers are currently using Ultra’s toolset to help manage their advertising. While a complete list of these developers hasn’t been released, one high-profile partner already making use of Ultra is The Candy Crush Saga developer has been working with Supersonic Ads for years, we learn.

Both Ultra and SupersonicAds’ established services are clearly paying off for the company. So far, the company’s been venture-funded, though Shohan reveals it was profitable in 2012. For more information about SupersonicAds and Ultra, check out the company’s official website.