Superscout Takes Your Job Search Social

Superscout-logo_Full-color_largeSuperscout is a recruitment and career networking community inspired by social network innovations. The site calls itself a social network for jobs, designed to “connect great job candidates to great employers and keep them connected.” It caters to employers, recruitment agencies and candidates, with all users able to create content-rich profiles and build networks displaying their public Superscout activity and messages/news from those within their networks.

Exploring and tracking is anonymous, until either an employer or candidate reaches out for a meaningful connection. While remaining anonymous, candidates can add companies to their career network to receive news and job updates. Conversely, their anonymous profile can be searched for by any company, even if not logged in, and those that are logged in can nudge candidates to view a particular job. Only when candidates apply to a job do they reveal their full profile to the employer.


Superscout feels its platform enables both employers and candidates to convey their culture, personality, brand, skills and portfolios. Employers can build networks of candidate followers, while candidates can track companies in which they have an interest. The site is presently for free for candidates, as well as for company promotion and job posting. The developers of Superscout tell Social Times they intend to keep the core service free of charge for candidates. While not revealing their income model, they said, “We will soon be implementing a business model that turns the current pay-to-post model on it’s head.”


Superscout also reports they are working on linking to the API’s of sites where candidates can showcase their work, such as dribble, prezi and scribd.