Sunday’s NYT: The Drive-by Edition

Liveblogging the Grammys: “Do you paint Gwyneth’s toenails?”

But then the prince got distracted, seeing Lincoln in the mirror, and instead gave the kiss of life to a bunch of flat-lining Republican tax-cut fetishists.


A Top 25 list — of the sort one expects to find in the City section — that Facebook has yet to co opt!

Does this mean Eight is Enough is no longer politically correct?

But it should have gone further. It should have examined the Times‘s own role in the story — posting the orchestrated leak on its Web site and allowing “a person close to Gov. David A. Paterson” to make nasty comments about Kennedy anonymously.

Dating is tricky business.

A useful Real Estate article, which brings to mind those days when the only way to get a good deal on an apartment in the city was to line up at the Voice offices late on a Monday night and wait for the delivery trucks to show.

“We don’t want to be the bedroom community of southwest Florida; we don’t want to be the foreclosure capital.”

What is the New York equivalent to this? Because it seems more and more likely this is where we are headed.

There’s too much good stuff in the week’s Science section to choose just one.

Jane Smiley writing about Sean Penn.

What happens if the Greyhound was already Plan A?

This reads like a City section article from six months ago. Empty buildings, yes. New condos? Less than convincing.

“I had this expectation that my career would be one in which I didn’t crash an airplane…Losing thrust on both engines, at a low speed, at a low altitude, over one of the most densely populated areas on the planet. Yes, I knew it was a very challenging situation.”