Sunday Mornings: Fact Check Proofed

1924_checking_facts.jpg WaPo’s Howard Kurtz, who hosts CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday, is getting in on the fact-checking business. Most recently ABC’s Jake Tapper, the interim host of “This Week”, began having fact-checking on the show by Politifact’s Bill Adair.

On CNN on Sunday, Kurtz followed suit and launched a segment in which he fact checked statements made by various politicians on the Sunday morning talk shows in recent weeks.

“Reliable Sources fact-checking popular on Twitter. Should ideally be done during the wk;” Kurtz tweeted Sunday. “I’d be happy to help. Viewers seem hungry for it.”

Watch the segment here.

But, it seems, everyone’s a critic. Media Matters has decided to fact check Kurtz’s fact checking. Read it here.