Sunday Morning with the LA Times–and What to do With the Rest of the Day

FBLA loves the idea of a leisurely Sunday morning with the papers and a cup of really good coffee. With the LA Times, it’s more like a cup of lukewarm Nescafe. We ran through today’s edition and here’s the high points.

Imelda Marcos’ children are starting a fashion line. Why is this a front=page story? Children of the rich and famous do all sorts of things to cash in–Chelsea Clinton just joined a hedge fund.

Steve Lopez found people who like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
And a new barbershop.

Calendar has its special Sneak Peaks of holiday movies, so most of the new features were ditched. But, the one that we thought would be the lamest–The Smart List–is indeed really lame, but not for the reason we’d figured.
We’d predicted it would be a round=up of obscure, trendier-than-thou stuff–and this week, by Deborah Netburn, it’s a round-up of the most obvious stuff, such as the elections and Lost. Richard Rushfield did a good job last week, so by the laws of the LAT, he can’t ever do it again.

In West magazine, the Rules of Hollywood column has finally sunk to being a just another line on a publicist’s “to-do list”. Producer Lindsay Doran–who just happens to have a movie opening this week–writes about gift bags. Snore.

(And here’s a hint, from FBLA to the editors of West: if it’s a theme issue, make it a theme issue, including the columns.)

PS–the zip code column–A Day In— that replaced the dismal Sunday Punches isn’t remotely interesting. Research isn’t reporting.